Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I know you all have probably got this in your email box, but it applies to me so I'd thought I'd put my version here.

There is this rock. It's a massive rock. God says push on the rock. You push on the rock and after a while you ask God, "What are you doing?"

God says, "Don't worry about moving the rock, if I had wanted it moved I would have moved it myself. I never intended for you to move it, I just wanted you to push."

You ask, "But to what end?"

God answers, "The purpose was to build your muscles for the next task ahead of you."

BTW This is not another Sisyphus lesson. We can talk about that if you wish, but I put it here to say what it says. And I don't think it says God has willed us to fatalism.


drlobojo said...

"...test the spirits..."

drlobojo said...

You know I have to get out of the habit of quoting Bible verses that are false. "Test the spirits..." is most definately in that catagory. 1st John is so bad it doesn't even qualify as psuedographic, it is just an anti-gnostic tirade penned in the second century pretending to be inspired scripture. I know so many pastors that still use the false letters, knowing full well that they are false and contradict earlier Biblical statements. That kind of dishonesty is a timebomb in the bosom of Christianity getting ready to explode. There are too many "Apostolic Secrets" and world is digging them out.

pecheur said...

Yeah, you know those Christians we can't seem to figure out whose real and whose not.

I've not done any criticisms on 1 John, but I guess "the world is digging them [Apostolic Secrets]out"

Those blasted Apostles always trying to pull the wool over our eyes! =0