Friday, March 07, 2008

I call it story time

I've thought about starting something new here at CL. Story Time. It's a time you sit back and hear a story being told. But this is not just a passive activity. Ideally, this would just be oral. No reading or writing but that's a little hard in this format. duh!!

To participate, after you have heard the story, you answer 5 questions.

1. What did you like about the story?
2. What shocked or surprised you about the story?
3. What does the story say about humans?
4. What does the story say about God (if anything)?
5. What does one do with the story?

I'll leave my responses in the comment section. Enjoy!


pecheur said...

1. I like that David was a success because he had these 30 men who fought with him. I like that they were the elite fighting force of the Army.

2. I was surprised that Joab became the leader of the Army but was not among the 30 Mighty Men.

3. The story says that humans like to fight. Among other things. It says that sometimes one keep fighting if someone else is there to fight with you.

4. I didn't get much about God. He's not really mentioned much.

5. Be brave. I don't really know what to do with the story.

So, what do you think?

ewinwe said...

1. david had a very good, platoon-sized, team to work with. sorta like force-recon. just proves that with the right team, you can do almost anything ...

2. i was shocked that david poured out the water from the well in bethlehem. he had asked for it (longed for it) and it was delivered ... maybe he should have given it to the men who had brought it back? or better yet, he should have drunk it, then gone to get THEM some more of the same on his own.

3. humans are fickle, fanatical and frivolous. and yeah ... they like to fight (four f's. woo hoo)

4. god seems to allow a lot of things in the old testament, don't he? or maybe he just plays the part of "interested observer" in some parts.

5. seek out a platoon-sized team of fire-breathers and kick some a**?? i'm not sure i got much more out of that one ... i'm waiting to hear what happens to uriah the hittite!

ryan said...

1. I like how David has good friends.
2. I was surprised that those guys broke through lines to get him some water.
3. Man is capable of much when moved by love.
4. I don't know.
5. We should not treat the things that others do for us lightly.

This slide show was awesome!