Saturday, July 13, 2013

Build a caricature then tear that down

The other day someone gave Lady R a Muslim track in front of the British Museum. She brought it home, and we both read it.

I know Christians do the same thing, but building a caricature of the other and then tearing that down will not normally win anyone over.

Here are some lies that is most certainly believed among Muslims about Christians. I can't quote the track because I would have to get permission, and I am too lazy to do that.

Scientific knowledge, unknown until present day, has been preserved in the Qur'an. What I find interesting in this statement is how it is then used as a proof of its truth and has caused many scientists to become Muslims. As far as I know both the Bible and the Qur'an are not scientific books. Therefore, if either the Christian or the Muslim finds scientific ideas in them, those ideas have probably been read back into the texts. While admitting that the Qur'an is not scientific it goes on to assert that the Qur'an is the most accurate ancient book about science. There have not been many conflicts between Islam and science. I would respond by saying, "it may well be on its way."

Islam rejects the Trinity and does not see how it can possible be compatible with monotheism. That is because, along with Christian heresy, the idea of Trinity has not been accurately explained to nor grasped by Muslims. And even when it has been, there is never a guarantee that one will choose to accept it.

Idris is a biblical prophet along with Muhammad.

The text of "Scripture" has been changed, and it can be proven; thus, the unreliability of the "Scripture." The Qur'an has only had one version ever. However, it preservation has only been in Arabic. So sad for the rest of us.

Christians believe that because children are born sinful they must be baptized shortly after birth so that they will be protected from God's wrath.

Jesus was a only a great teacher/prophet. There are so many conflicts about the life of Jesus that this is proof that what is said about him is unreliable. God is too good, according to this pamphlet, to punish Jesus who was a good man.

I would encourage Christians to be the experts in Christianity as well as to be able to defend themselves against opposing ideas. At the same time, let Muslims be the experts in Islam and let them tell you what they actually believe and practice. You will still have plenty to discuss even when you aren't assuming you know what the other believes.