Sunday, April 06, 2008

Who is building whom a house?

Let me know what you think?


pecheur said...

1. I liked that David had someone who could direct him spiritually. I am uncomfortable with the word "spiritual adviser," it sounds a little New Age to me.

2. I was surprised that God made such an eternal promise. What if the future generations were not fit to be kings?

3.I think this teaches us that human beings can be zealous to do good, but that we need to be tempered also.

4. I think this says that God is so much bigger than just our life. His plans have been going on before us and will continue after us.

5. Let's find the King and do what he says

Anonymous said...

That is some tent that God has! No wonder David wants to build him a house!!!!! I love this story!


drlobojo said...

This of course is why two of the Gospels so ardently made sure that Jesus was seen as the linage of the House Of David. Jesus is the final King from that House, and rules forever in the Kingdon of Heaven here and now.
The tent and the temple pale in comparison to this current structure. And yet, he uses human hands to accomplish its work.

pecheur said...


so you liked the tent to a house bit?

pecheur said...

Dr. Lobo,

Yes. Yes, indeed.

And yet, he uses human hands to accomplish its work.

That's a good point. He even uses us incapable humans to do something great.