Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas sermon after the fact

I didn't get to give a Christmas sermon this year. But if I had it would have been on sin.

The background for the sermon would have come from a recent conversation I had with a former Hindu who is now a follower of Christ. After I found out he was a believer and that his background was Hindu, I asked him, "How do you talk about Jesus to Hindus, knowing that He is accepted among the many gods as just another god?" His answer was profound and simply. He said that Hindus are somewhat confused by Jesus. First, you build a relationship with Hindus, let the Holy Spirit convict them of their sin and THEN introduce Jesus as the Saviour. I think that approach would work with anyone, Hindu or not. So many times we are eager to "introduce" people to Jesus before the Holy Spirit has convicted them of sin.

I doubt I would have incorporated this next part, but it was my focus this Christmas. The Wise Men (trying to break myself from saying a number, since that is unknown). This year an Iranian told me the story of the Wise Men from Persia. This person was so excited and proud that Persian people were a part of our Christmas story. I, too, was glad to have a Persian know about Persian influence on the birth of Jesus. Have a Muslim tell you (accurately even) the story of the birth of the son of Mary and see if it won't bless you.

Lastly, the sermon I did hear for Christmas focused on Simeon. It was a great illustration for me because I was holding Ida Claire as the pastor spoke of Simeon holding little Jesus. I could just imagine how this man felt. He had been promised to see the coming Messiah. And when he went to the temple, he saw the baby and took him up in his arms.

Salvation has come. That's what makes Christmas special. Sin has put us in a need to be rescued. Thankfully, God with us in the flesh has made that rescue possible.

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Jarröt G. said...

I just teared up reading your blog. I love reading about all the accounts of Christmas from all my friends around the world!

I, too, heard a Christmas sermon about Simeon. I was visiting a dear dear friend who after selling himself into prostitution fell into a bad battle, yet quick one praise God, with drugs. He's in a rehab center based around a church in the barrios of DFW. I was not holding an adorable little girl in my arms, yet I to imagined how marvelous and humbling it must have been to see the answer to prayers, the hope of a nation and people, and the God in flesh in this little babe. I hope and pray we can all hold on to the hope of Christ to restore as closely as Simeon held the Emmanuel to himself.