Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Allah had no son

I remember picking up a Chick Track some years ago that talked about how Allah had no son. I don't recommend nor endorse Chick Tracks. But it was the first time that I learned that Muslims have a huge problem with Jesus being God's Son (or Allah if you will). Recently, some one put it this way, "Jesus is not the Son of God because God could not have had such relations with a woman."

If I were talking to a Muslim about this, I think arguing would be futile. So why do it?

I got out my interpretation of the Qur'an to see what it says (because the Qur'an can't be translated only interpreted, and I do not know Classic Arabic.) about Mary and Jesus.

Surah 19 is about Mary. In Section 2 :16 the preface reads, "She [Mary] gave birth as a virgin to Jesus...[who] was a servant of Allah, a true Prophet...but no more than a man: to call him the son of Allah is to derogate from Allah's Majesty, for Allah is High above all His Creatures..."

and 19:35: "It is not befitting to (the majesty) of Allah that he should beget a son..."

My response hopefully would be not to argue, but to simple say something like this. The birth of Jesus was like this. When his mother was engaged to her husband before they were married and before they had come together, she was with child by the Holy Spirit. And Joseph who was a righteous man would have broken off the engagement quietly, but an angel appeared to him and told him that what was conceived in Mary was from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son and his name will be Jesus because he will deliver his people from their sins.


drlobojo said...

It is true that Allah did not have a son, for Allah is One and can not be divided.

It is also true that Allah caused Jesus to be born of Mary the Virgin:

"She said: "O my Lord!
How shall I have a son
When no man hath touched me?"
He said: "Even so:
Allah createth
What He willeth:
When He hath decreed
A Plan He but saith
To it, 'Be', and it is!"

pecheur said...

Yeah I saw that too, and was quite surprised to find this out.

I guess this means in Islam that Jesus was born from the virgin Mary, but he was not God from God, Light from Light,true God from true God,
begotten, not made.


drlobojo said...

In addition, in Islam he didn't die on the cross. Indeed some believe him to be buried in Kashmir.

pecheur said...

So I guess no Easter celebrations this year from our Muslim neighbors? =)