Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Freedom in All We Do

We've been looking at and discussing the church trying to figure out if there is change in the air and what we should do about it. I hope you have enjoyed the mini-series. I have learned a lot and continue to gain more insights. I will be temporarily suspending my thoughts on it for awhile. The reasons are many but the main reason is that there is a lot more on which I need to read and reflect.

Here are some issues I want to pursue:

  • Monastic Christianity in the 21st century.
  • The first 300 years of Church History in order to establish Church worship and praxis in that time.
  • The relationship between Christianity and Paganism and the battles they have had with each other.
  • More familarity with the Emergent Church mentality both for and against
  • The Secular/Sacred Divide
  • The role of and gifting of Preaching and Pastoring in the Emergent Models
  • Etc etc etc
What I want to leave this talk with is that no matter what form of church we prefer, may we all within the body of Christ allow freedom to those who differ from us. May they know we are his disciples by the love we have for each other.


Kc said...

I'm on board for reading all about your future pursuits but I think I may have much to offere when it comes to Etc etc etc. ;-)

WB Pech and thanks for the wise words concerning freedom and/or in love.

drlobojo said...

During your search remember some of the basic realities.
Pagan comes fron the Latin "paganus" which simply means someone who lived in the countryside as opposed to living in the city. (all other meanings are christian baggage)
During the first 300-400 years of Christianity, theology was a matter of majority vote in a seemingly endless number of "councils" (including the Trinity), until a devout Trinity believing 32 year old Christian General from Spain named Theodosius became Emporer and decreed by the sword that his Christian beliefs were the official religion of the Eastern Roman Empire and all others were heritics by default. Oh yes, and those durn Visogoths that ruined the Western Roman Empire during this time, well they were Arian Christians. Thus the sack of Rome was a religious war of christian against christian. Neat, huh?

Technically I guess we should be termed Theodosians. At least the Roman branch should be.

As you study; caveat lector, especially stuff from me.