Sunday, November 05, 2006

Creativity of God the Creator

Not long ago I did a post on the role of creativity of Satan.

But recently I have been thinking of the Creativity of God and how humans use the creativeness He has given us. As stated, we are made in the image of God, who is the Creator. So, naturally, humans have creative powers and almost a need to create. But not everything we create is good, as in the case with God.

A couple of questions (of which I truly do not know the answer).
1. Does God still create? When we think of God, and put a definition on Him, we usually include Creator. But do we keep God's creativeness in the past? If we say God still creates, do we limit him to just babies? What is God's role today as Creator?

2. Concerning fantasy, where is the line when it comes to made up worlds? Of course, we have the appraised Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings. And just because someone can think it up does not make it holy. So, these examples show how fantasy can be "used" to speak of God. I know anything can be used for or against God's glory. But that is not quite my question. What about "creatures" made up that is completely imaginary, such as elfs, gnomes, trolls, fairies etc? I am guess someone will point to Monsters Inc. Fine, but it does not answer my particular question. How can man's creations be considered either good or evil? I know this is not a clear question. And the question may seem to have already been answered, but I am not sure, it has been explored well (or at least I have not thought about it enough to satisfy my curiosity).


Kc said...

When an un-believer first believes then God creates a new creature in him. I would like to think He is activly creating a life in me that is pleasing to Him I only pray I will be more cooperative. ;-)

Doesn't scripture say He creates good works in us? I'll have to check.

As for our creation I think songs of praise, exhortations, admonitions are all good stuff. I suppose the little creatures we think up can be used for good illustration but I'm insecure in that myself.

drlobojo said...

God creates Man in his image, then
Man creates Gods in his image that creates Man in their image.

Does God continue to create?
We live on a planet that circles a third generation star (created three times) in a middle aged galaxy(created at least twice). Of course he does. Or does he? Did he start it all at the Big Bang and set down the laws and leaves it all alone now? Was he the big bang?

You to do not need to look to literature or movies for some fantastic creations by man. Look to the temples, holy places, mosques, and even churches. Go to Notre Dame for example and look at the icons, the walls, sconces, etc.. What message do these relate? Why does Mary sail as the Queen of the heavens on a cresent moon for example like an Aztec Princess or a pre-Islam Arabian Goddess.

pecheur said...


Thanks. I am glad you reminded me about the ongoing creation of those who have experienced the new birth.

Man's creativity. In reference to songs, let's just take the music not the lyrics. Without getting too far into aesthetics, can someone create "beautiful" music without expressedly directing it toward God? If so, is that music vanity?

Imaginary cretures. These little creatures just won't go away. First, I need to find out what I am questioning, then analyze it. There may be more to come.

pecheur said...

Dr. Lobo,

Yeah, I of course do not have the brain cells to bring up what you did about the planets. But it does play into answering my question. As a person who knows little to nothing about the telescopic matter, I have to defer to the scientist in their knowledge. So, if they say our planet is turning around a third created star, then I have no choice but to accept it. And really I have no problem accepting it. In fact, it sounds cool.

I guess i was thinking about "new" species of animals that we are always finding. Could it be that somehow God has been in the process of creating new species and allowing other species to die (the extinct animals). Which brings me closer to the heart of my question. Human genetic engineering. Obviuosly with creativity and scientific inginuity new breeds of farm animals are being created. Is this OK? I personally do not have a problem with it, but...

Then, you brought up the exciting topic of Man in God's image who turns God into his image. While God has no hands we often speak of his anthropomorphic attributes. This is not making an idol, but then there is the whole icon vs iconoclast debate. Are we allowed to build big churches which help us "focus" on God? I suppose this is where I came up with this. Seeing all these churches here, I wonder if this is really what God wanted. Then, as you said, he did "allow" the Jewish Temple, which is said to be the pattern of most big churches.

Sorry so long

drlobojo said...

If you dig deep enough into the Jewish Tabernacle and therefore Temple design you find Jehovah giving Moses and exact plan/model of what it should be according to the writter(s) of Genesis. Maybe there is more to the design that we (me and some others) cinics see in these buildings.

By the way one of my favorist newest discovered animals (about ten years ago I think) is the Panamanian Duck that has a male with pouches that the ducklings swim into and then he can fly off with them and out of danger.

By the way (#2) from wince came that creature you have pictured on your blog?

pecheur said...

Dr. Lobo,

The tabernacle did indeed have very specific dimensions. Interesting...

The creature is from one of the Star Wars movies. I forget which one and I forget his name. There was an Expo here in Paris with some of the costumes and models used in all the Star Wars films. Cool stuff. A storm trooper, dark vader, wookie stuff, a yoda replica, pod racer, etc. It was pretty cool.